Gospel Work and other Assembly Activities

Many ways are used by believers to contact unsaved folk and speak of the Saviour.

One brother invites bis business colleagues to his home with some of his neighbours, together with a brother competent to deal with questions on spiritual matters. As the informal discussion develops and theories and beliefs are propounded, the true answers are given from the Word of God.

One assembly make a practice of visiting the home of every child in the Sunday School. Even though it takes almost two years to make the full circuit it provides that personal contact that is vital if souls are to be won.

The daughters of believers invited their friends to a birthday party. During the proceedings they were given a Bible quiz, and it became apparent that none of them had any knowledge of the Scriptures. The father suggested that they should have a class to remedy this deficiency, and the girls now come one night a week to be taught those truths that are eternal.

Cornwall. The assembly in Bodmin is growing in numbers. During the winter months ministry meetings have been arranged for the establishing of the saints in the truth.

The north of the county has not been an easy area for the Gospel but after much prayer it has been possible to hire a hall in Bude. The Gospel will be preached on the third Lord’s Day of each month.

Birmingham. The assembly at Quarry Lane, Northfield, held the first Gospel campaign in its new building last November, when B. Jenkins was the evangelist. Despite cold weather and power cuts the meetings were well attended by children who heard a series of systematic Bible talks. A fair interest was shown among the teenagers, but although invitations were distributed to every home the adult response was poor.

A tea was held for senior citizens on the Lord’s Day afternoon; this was well attended and most stayed to the Gospel service which followed. A coffee morning, held in the home of one of the believers, proved of value in reaching friends and neighbours.

An older couple came on the last Lord’s Day for the first time and have shown continuing interest, and two girls made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. It is planned to visit the families of the children who attended.

Mid-Scotland. J. Campbell and J. Hay have been labouring with the Gospel in the village of Errol, ten miles from Perth. Large numbers of children were brought under the sound of the Word over several weeks and some sixty parents were present on the closing evening. The adult meetings were encouraging with never less than six unsaved present. Yet while they enjoy the meetings they take no further steps to accept the Saviour. How easy it is just to listen and not let the Word sink down into our hearts.

The believers from the neighbouring village of Glencarse continue to make spiritual progress and some have been baptized and are now in fellowship with the believers at Perth.

There are but few believers in the assembly at Kinross but the testimony is faithfully maintained week by week. The ministry of the Word by J. Burns was felt to be both helpful and refreshing.

Orkney Islands. The assembly at Papa Westray comprises but twelve believers. They have been encouraged by the baptism of two who brought glory to their Saviour by publicly testifying to their having died with Him.

Southern Scotland. Tracts distributed in the evenings on the streets of Dumfries have resulted in several contacts. The believers have also been encouraged by seeing blessing among the young poeple.

Southern Ireland. A number of brethren from Skibbereen and other parts have started going out once a fortnight with the Gospel into the open air. So far they have enjoyed liberty and quite a number of people in these places have taken literature.

Bank Holiday Conferences. There is a need to provide for the spiritual refreshment of the Lord’s people on public holidays. At Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, a conference was held on Christmas Day, and at Bicester, Oxon., on Boxing Day. At Stranraer in Scotland, Gravesend in Kent, and Uxbridge in Middlesex, similar gatherings for the ministry of the Word were held on New Years Day. In each case attendances were very good and the ministry to the glory of God and the edifying of the saints.

Open Air Witness. Have you made plans yet for testifying in the open air this coming summer in the will of our God? Or are you prepared to let souls pass along widaout being reminded of their need of a Saviour?

As believers at Bicester witnessed in this way recently a woman started to weep and was deeply moved as she listened. How many more are waiting to hear of the Saviour and His love?

Ministry of the Word. J. Hunter visited assemblies in the Torbay area at the close of last year. Believers were exhorted to greater devotion to Christ and more fervent consistency in spiritual matters. Believers who were not baptized but had been received into assembly fellowship were earnestly entreated to obey the Word of God in this matter.

How sad diat such ministry should be necessary. Clearly from the Scriptures baptism is closely linked with salvation. Reception into assembly fellowship is something different and should follow the ordinance of baptism. To reverse divine order is tampering with the authority of God.


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