Gospel Work and other Assembly Activities

Far more souls are often reached with the Gospel during one stand in the open-air than in a year’s indoor Gospel meetings. Why then are we so loathe to witness in this way? Souls are still being brought to a halt as they pass such a gathering and subsequently find them-selves drawn to the Saviour for salvation. Are we content to let such die in their sins? Is our conscience clear before our God in this matter?

The believers at St. Monance, Fifeshire, during the summer months hold an open-air witness on Lord’s Day afternoons at a popular spot by the sea. Residents and visitors are reminded of their need of a Saviour, and it is hoped that some will attend the Gospel meeting as a result.

Similarly at Lossiemoutli, Morayshire, meetings are held on tin.-beach or Lord’s Day afternoons. Families on holiday are thus presented with the requirements of a holy God.

The assembly at Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, have maintained a similar testimony on the sea front during the summer for the last three years. One evening this summer a man stood and listened; he was seen again the following week, and on the third Lord’s Day told of having been saved. It transpired that to hear the truth on the latter two occasions he had travelled from his home in East Ham, several miles away.

The Tyneside Gospel Van travels to the villages around on Saturday afternoons, bringing the Gospel to those who otherwise never hear it. Yet few seem concerned to help with the work, to live out the salvation they profess.

Do we really believe that the coming of the Lord is near? That we have been entrusted with the message of life?

Lancashire. The county tent was pitched in the town of Accrington during June and July. The 15,000 homes had previously been reached with Gospel literature and as a result there were unsaved folk present nearly every evening to listen to the Word preached by B. Deen. Children’s meetings were well attended and those for youth were lull to capacity. Some young lives were blessed as a result. It is the desire of the workers that one result of this campaign might be the re-establishment of a local assembly in the area.

D. Leighton held a tent campaign in Wigan during July. Although the arrangements were made at short notice and the weather was largely inclement, interest grew week by week. Seven or eight older folk were known to have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour as well as a number of children, while the believers were encouraged, challenged and revitalised.

Northern Ireland. J. Brown and J. Lennox had a special Gospel effort in the Gospel Hall at Quilly, Co. Derry. The assembly is small but there were fair attendances and God was pleased to give a little blessing.

Attendances were good at Crosskeys, Co. Antrim, when E. Fairfield joined J. Hawthorne in the preaching of the Gospel. The believers from neighbouring assemblies took a real interest during the six weeks and here too there was blessing.

At Ballybollan, just two miles away across country, over six hundred folk gathered on 12th July, the public holiday, for the annual conference. Practical, instructive and helpful ministry was given by several brethren. Three other large conferences were held in other parts of the province on the same day and many of the Lord’s people availed themselves of the opportunity to hear the Word of God expounded.

U. Usher and W. Jennings were encouraged in their preaching at Rathfriland, in the heart of Co. Down. During the six weeks the meetings were well attended and there was a sense of the Lord’s presence.

Dungannon is a town in Co. Tyrone where there has been quite a lot of trouble during the past four years. In spite of the shooting and much destruction by bombs die assembly still carries on. Recently six weeks Gospel meetings were taken by T. McKelvey and J. G. Hutchinson. Here again attendances were good and the Lord was pleased to bless.

Republic of Ireland. J. Kells and J. Fulton were in Lugaworry, Co. Sligo, for two months. The population in this county is predominantly Roman Catholic but our brethren were encouraged by good numbers and at least one young woman professed to have placed her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

R. McLuckie and D. Stevens were grateful for the fine weather which allowed them to engage in much open air activity with the Bible Mobile Unit. Lengthy conversations were held often with those who stopped to take a closer look at the literature display.

South Wales. The assemblies in the Llanelli area have purchased a tent for evangelical witness in the needy area of West Wales. The first effort was held in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, when attendances were encouraging.

Other believers were concerned about the town of Fishguard and visited there on a Saturday afternoon to distribute tracts and witness in the open-air. It proved a most encouraging visit.

How many more towns there are, like Fishguard, waiting for a visit from the Lord’s people, His representatives; are you acting up to your responsibility in this matter?

London. Once again in June the teams of various Mobile Units held their witness in Trafalgar Square. The weather was perfect and at all times during the two hours several hundred folk of many nationalities were hearing the Gospel. The burden of the preachers was that this might be the last such testimony and the authority of the Word of God was emphasized.

Hampshire. The Lord has been pleased to bless the small assembly at Mill Road, Waterlooville. Two families have moved into the district in recent months and added strength to the testimony. There is a keen desire to reach the children of the locality and it is planned to re-commence the Sunday School.

There is a danger that when a Sunday School is discontinued it is never started again, even when circumstances change. Such a work is not only profitable in that the young are instructed in the Word of God, but also as a means of contact with the parents.


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