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In response to the desire of friends and supporters of “Precious Seed” for some information as to its circulation and kindred matters, we gladly reader same account of what We regard as a stewardship,

Progress has exceeded expectations, and from small beginnings the circulation has steadily increased to its present figure of nearly 8,000 copies, which reach all parts of the British Isles, including Orkney and Shetland. There are, of course, some districts where the magazine has not yet penetrated and where we would be grateful for introductions.

It is also becoming known in other countries, and the following are some of the places via notice in a rapid glance through our mailing list:







Belgian Congo







Fiji Is.

S. Africa





New Zealand







Missionaries speak of its value in helping to equip native teachers, and on the Continent assemblies are deriving benefit from its ministry. Large numbers of appreciations, all quite unsought, continue to reach us regularly; many are expressed in conventional terms but quite a proportion nay striking tribute to the way in which this ministry is helping to meet a widespread need, and to definite personal blessing received. This is all the more encouraging when we remember that the pressing demands of other work prevent us giving to this task all the attention that it really calls for. We are far too conscious of its consequent shortcomings to feel complacent, and if we select a few extracts from the many tributes we have received it is in a spirit of thankfulness and because we feel that those who support the magazine are entitled to have evidence from time to time that the Lord continues to bless this imperfect effort.

Belfast: “Read with great interest and profit. A real help in study,” and “Altogether the magazine is the best and most useful.” MANCHESTER: “Greatly valued by all.” SURREY: “Have had P.S. since its inception and consider it admirably meets a need for the present day.” India: “Deeply appreciate what we have read up to the present.” VANCOUVER: “This little book keeps ahead of the times. Very opportune.”

We are constantly asked why we make no charge for the magazine. The principal reason is that we are anxious to avoid any tendency to commercialism – we prefer to go on as the Lord enables us through tie exercise of His stewards, and to run no risk of the ‘profit motive’ entering into our calculations. There are other reasons–among than the fact that the keeping of individual accounts for every subscriber would increase our clerical work, which is already heavy. Paid help would have to be employed, and this would increase expense, Every member of the Committee gives his services quite voluntarily, and we am confident tint the certified accounts we publish every year satisfy our readers that funds entrusted to us are carefully used.

Now that restrictions are removed we are presented with a splendid opportunity of reaching a wider public, and as funds permit we will take steps to get the magazine circulating in areas where it is not yet well known. We have some spare copies of this issue, and would be glad to supply a few to any who can use them to introduce the magazine into new areas.

Donations can be handed to the person who distributes the magazine or to any member of the Committee, but it saves time and expense if gifts sent through the post are addressed to one of our Treasurers – see front page.


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