Hark! Soon the trumpet soundeth

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Hark soon the trumpet soundeth
Thy people Lord set free
In robes of light and glory
Thy beauty they shall see
Thy face in radiant splendour
Thy brow with many crowns
Thy wounds behold with wonder
‘Twas love that knew no bounds.

Hark soon the trumpet soundeth
With joy we will proclaim
It is the King of Glory
The Lamb for sinners slain
With all our loved ones bringing
To meet Thee in the air
No pain or sin or sorrow
No more an earthly care.

Hark soon the trumpet soundeth
O may our lamps burn bright
With oil in all our vessels
The Holy Spirit’s light
Eternal life possessing
The gift of God in Thee
Thy precious blood our ransom
For all Eternity.


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