Harry Lacey

It is with deep regretthat we have to inform our readers of the Home-call of our brother Harry Lacey, on June 18th, at the age of 48.

From his youth he gave himself to the careful study of the Scriptures and was untiring in the service of the Lord. His unusual gift was soon recognised, and his sphere of acceptance widened rapidly until he was exercising a much-appreciated ministry in all parts of the British Isles.

Eagerness to serve involved him in a great deal of work, which, coupled with much strenuous travel-ling, must have imposed tremendous strain on an otherwise robust constitution. In a long and painful illness he was greatly sustained, and bore much suffering with faith and patience.

In addition to his oral ministry Mr. Lacey made a. number of valuable contributions to Christian literature, and his book “God and the Nations" is regarded is an outstanding treatment of its subject. Many readers at home and abroad have testified to the help they have received from his articles in the pages of “Precious Seed.”

Mr. Lacey had a special interest in encouraging young men in their study of the Scriptures, and numbers of them in various parts of the Country will remember with gratitude the counsel and help they received from him in private conversations and in correspondence.

We commend Mrs. Lacey and the family to our readers’ prayers.

N. M. B.


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