He is able to save …

‘He is able to save… them that come to Him … seeing He ever liveth’.

Hebrews 7. 25.

When in a synagogue one day,
As people met to sing and pray,
And Jesus read God’s word and taught,
That some a needy woman brought,
Who could in no wise stand up straight,
In such a sad and sorry state!

For eighteen years she could not rise
To see the beauty of the skies,
Her constant gaze was on the ground
Because she was by Satan bound.
Bound and longing to be free,
(‘Daughter of Abraham’ was she).

‘A spirit of infirmity'
The unseen cause – but all could see -
The bended back – the feeble frame,
Then Jesus called – to Him she came;
For He alone had power to deal
With unseen spirits, and to heal.

The Saviour’s touch and word of power
Imparted strength that very hour,
Loosed from the bond that held her long,
Her feeble frame again was strong.
Made straight, she glorified the
One By whom the mighty deed was done.

So we, though long by sin be bound -
(Yet in a place of worship found)
Can know the Son – be free indeed,
Who died to meet the sinner’s need,
So if our heart for freedom craves -
He, to the uttermost, still saves.