His never-failing Love

There’s nothing like Thy trusted love,
Lord Jesus here below;
Its sweetness we would daily prove
And all its fullness know.

Thy love is more than we can tell,
It every test has stood;
And though O Lord, we’ve known it well,
Yet know it more we would.

All other love may fail us Lord,
Not so that love of Thine;
It is as steadfast as Thy Word,
Eternal and Divine.

How beautiful to live with Thee,
To live in all Thy love!
How sweet to think that we shall be
At home with Thee above.

Thy love has ever been our shield,
Our comfort every hour;
Our safety in the battlefield
From every hostile power.

We wonder how Thy love can give
Such constant, fresh delight;
And long yet more and more to live
In love so pure and bright.

Thy love has thought of every need,
Of all the pressure here;
And ever lives to intercede,
Till we are with Thee there.

In love Thou did’st our souls redeem,
And on the cross didst die;
And that same love shall be our theme
When with Thee, Lord, on high.

Oh! may we prize the love of Christ
As light and warmth each day;
For nothing less has e’er sufficed
To keep us in the way.

H. D’A. Champney.


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