I cannot understand

I cannot understand
The why and wherefore
of a thousand things.
The crosses, the annoyances,
the daily stings.
I cannot understand
– But I can trust,
And perfect trusting
perfect comfort brings.

I cannot clearly see
why life to one brings joy
– unlooked for gain,
while to another
bitter heartaches come,
and pain.
I cannot clearly see
– but I can trust,
and by and by
my Father will explain.

I cannot see the end,
the hidden meaning
of each trial sent,
the pattern into which
each tangled thread is bent.
I cannot see the end;
– but I can trust,
and in His changeless love
I am content.

I cannot grasp the whole
of life’s great symphony;
nor find the key to these
strange minor cadences
perplexing me.
I cannot grasp the whole
– but 1 can trust
in Him whose ways
are perfect harmony.

And knowing Thee
when trial and sorrow press,
when nerves are weary
and the body weak,
I neither try to think,
nor try to pray,
– but REST in Thee
with love that need not speak.

From a card of the Telephone Ministry, Belfast, N. I.


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