I have learned to be content

Phil. 4. 11.

How can you find true contentment? By observing these three simple principles:

  1. Seek it. Make contentment a daily choice. Come to the place where you really believe that more does not equal happier. To find contentment -simplify!
  2. Say it. Cultivate the ability to say, ‘I have enough.’ Push back from the table and say, ‘I have had enough.’ Stand with the surprise bonus in your hand considering what you might buy and say, ‘I have enough. Lord, how can I use this for you?’
  3. Settle it. David writes, ‘If riches increase, do not set your heart upon them’, Ps. 62. 10. Do not let your income dictate your lifestyle. Choose a realistic level of living and do not compromise by spending more just because more arrives. If you do not choose your lifestyle then the world will choose it for you, and it will probably be one beyond your means. Let your lifestyle be biblically based; make it eternally focused!

Consider this: if all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world represented eternity, then you could say that one grain of sand represents your lifespan. Now think: you are over here grinding your one grain day and night to get everything you can out of it, while ignoring all the beaches of eternity that God has in store for you. Not too bright, eh? To be content, focus on eternity. Let enough be enough. Paul did! He said: ‘I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances’. Contentment is something you learn and you have to work at it daily!



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