And did our Lord become a little one, Soft, helpless, new-born, lie the eternal Son? An infant cry veil the creating voice That flung unnumbered stars through endless space?

Yes! From Heaven’s glory came the Son of God; Made man for us, a lonely pathway trod. The Lord of Life became His Father’s slave. Costly obedience! – scourging, cross, and grave.

Jesus is Lord! No more the manger bare Holds Him who lay in infant weakness there, No more a mother’s arms support the Son, Nor on a cross hangs Heaven’s beloved One.

Triumphant grace! Made flesh for sinful man, Born to fulfil in time the eternal plan, He died, He rose, He lives, the eternal throne Is His, the Name, the glory and the crown.

Could be sung to the tune ‘Pantyfedwyn


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