Income and Expenditure

As THIS MAGAZINE is supported by free-will offerings we feel that supporters are entitled to a yearly financial statement and we have been able to supply regular certified accounts through the kindness of Mr. Leslie W. Moscrop.
In view of the ever increasing circulation, which is now in the neighbourhood of 12,500 (as many copies are shared, our readers number many more), and the increased postal rates which came into operation at the beginning of 1957 we take some satisfaction at having been able to keep our total expenditure down to £1,297.
It will be noticed, however, that donations have not kept pace with the growth of the magazine so that we have had to draw on our reserve again. Nevertheless, we are thankful to be able to carry forward £133 6s. 4d.
Postal rates have recently been increased again, and we cannot at the moment accurately estimate the effect on the ensuing year’s accounts.
We can, however, thank God for enabling us to continue year by year and we count on Mini to meet our future needs.
Striking testimonies to the usefulness of the magazine constantly arrive from all parts of Britain and from many other countries. We have heard of groups of Christians abroad who have been led to adopt the New Testament pattern for their assembly life as a result of reading Precious Seed. At home, elder brethren find that it exerts a healthy influence on the outlook of young believers.
For all of this we give God thanks.

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