Income and Expenditure

READERS WILL BE INTERESTED to know that during the year 1957-8 our circulation increased by 12 per cent to 14,000, and that the gifts received rose in almost exactly the same ratio. By the careful use of monies entrusted to us, we would have succeeded in restricting the extra costs to 9 per cent, had it not been for the heavier postage rates which sent up distribution costs by 34 per cent. The effect on over-all expenses was a rise of 12.8 per cent, with the result that our reserve has been reduced to £79 19s. 4d.
Nevertheless., we feel we have abundant cause for thankfulness at the wonderful way in which our considerable needs have been supplied down through the years, and we go forward relying upon the Lord for His continued help and blessing.
Lack of space on this occasion, forbids us quoting from the many striking appreciations which are constantly reaching us from all parts, but the unsolicited financial support given by our readers (over £1,400 in twelve months) is sufficiently convincing evidence that the magazine continues to be valued.
It remains to acknowledge our indebtedness to Mr. Leslie W. Moscrop, C.A., who has certified our Accounts from the beginning.


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