Joseph, the forgotten man

Matt. 1. 18-25.
Amid Christmas activities, one man is often forgotten. I’m talking about Joseph – the man God trusted so much that He placed His Son in his home to love and nurture. What a responsibility!

Joseph truly is the forgotten man in the story. Yet his task was an important component of God’s incredible plan. As we read the story of the birth of Jesus, we find that Joseph was just, righteous, merciful, protective, and courageous. But most of all, he was obedient. When the angel told him to take Mary as his wife, he obeyed, Matt. 1. 24. And when the angel told him to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus, he did, 2. 13-14

Just as Mary was carefully chosen to bear the Son of God, Joseph was deliberately chosen to provide for his young wife and the Christ- Child. And trusting God, Joseph followed through on everything God asked him to do and as far as scripture is concerned he is never seen to say a word about it.

What is God asking of you today? Are you willing to commit yourself to do whatever He wants you to do? We can learn much about obedience from Joseph, the forgotten man of Christmas.


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