Keep Alert, Keep Alive

A WARNING TO PEDESTRIANS by the roadside, of course, and everybody knows what it means. Has it not a voice for Christians also? You see, other things may come along and distract us, and if we are not careful these other things will draw us away from following the Lord. Our Saviour tells us to be watchful; and so does the apostle Paul and the apostle Peter. Look up the passages and note them, and pray over them, and let them speak to you personally. We are not only to avoid motor cars speeding along the road, we are warned against a roaring lion on the king’s highway of the Christian life. Satan does not attack Christians in this country by way of persecution, although he does in some parts of the world. But he is active enough here. He wants to wound your faith, to make you lose confidence in your Saviour, to so discourage you as to make you give up living the Christian life. He wants to lead you back into the world, to stop your witness; and, you know, he succeeds in not a few cases. You may become a ‘case’ yourself; yes, you. So keep on the alert.

By keeping on the alert you will keep ‘alive’; you will be a real, live Christian, and one of the sorrows of Satan. As a live fish you will be swimming against the stream of the world’s influences; as a keenite you will be of use to our great Captain in the war He and His people are waging against the powers of darkness. Christian keep alive, alive unto God, and God will be alive unto you.


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