Leaving the Comfort Zone

Reflections upon leaving the Lord’s Supper

Great aspirations – fine intentions,
Yes Lord, send me – I will go;
Christians gathered all around me
Praying, praising, singing loudly
Uplifting my heart to Heaven with every note.
In this atmosphere divine
With ease I claim the Lord as mine;
Put my hand in His and promise,
That however rough the way
Or however dark the day –
When He calls me I will answer
Where He sends me I will go,
To His will I pledge I’ll never answer no.

Oh it’s easy with no man
To gainsay God’s so wondrous plan,
Round the table fitly spread,
By the Holy Spirit led
Drinking wine and breaking bread
At His command.
Then an offering is taken –
Sacrificial it should be;
Then God’s Word, it’s ne'er forsaken
But applied? Am I mistaken?
As the clock moves round to noon
Have I promised Lord too soon?
If you send me – will I go?

Once again the doors are open
And we feel the world’s cold chill;
Soon, without too much exertion
Satan impregnates our will
With the seeds of doubt and fear
And that nagging thought appears – is God near?
This last hour has all been so real?
Or have I dreamt? – No! I could feel
The very presence of the Son of God.
So I pray Lord as I leave this solemn space
Fill my being; let it show Thy wondrous grace
To others who know nothing of Thy love;
Visit them in mercy from above.

Or, if Thou choose that I should be
A vessel fit to work for Thee,
Give me the courage Lord, I pray
To go, as I recognise the way
Thou wouldst have me tread for Thee.
Take the zeal Thy feast inspires
Use it Lord for Thy desires;
Chase that worldly chill away
Grant Thy presence every day
Give me joy that I may say
Yes Lord – send me – I will go
And truly mean it as I say
Yes Lord – Send me – I will go.


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