Letters of Commendation – Follow Up

The letter published in the previous issue appears to have been timely, for the response which it has evoked indicates that the gracious and Scriptural practice of taking a letter of commendation when visiting another assembly, is. being neglected. This seems to be particularly the case in holiday resorts.

We feel sure that if believers would give a little thought to what fellowship means, they would think nothing of any trouble involved in obtaining a letter before leaving home. Surely it cannot be that believers are indifferent to the added confidence and understanding which a letter can produce, and which should make one’s holiday all the more enjoyable.

In the case of young believers the neglect may well be due to lack of instruction and example.

The remedy seems to be for elders to ensure that such matters are referred to from time to time in the assembly. When an unknown believer presents himself, a kindly and courteous inquiry as to whether he has a letter ought not to cause any offence, and if he has not brought one he will be likely to remember to get one when next the occasion arises.


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