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The work started in 1998 as a consequence of our desire to evangelize the small market town of Warsop in Nottinghamshire where we lived. The town is a needy ex-mining community suffering from all the signs of economic and social decline. Conscious that so many of its inhabitants were people with few educational achievements we were keen to find a way of getting the gospel across in as few words as possible. It is for this reason that we decided to use some text cards that we had obtained from Canada as the basis for our initial contact work around the town.

To provide the necessary quantities of text cards we approached a local printer who is in fellowship in the Killamarsh assembly. He put us in touch with a printer who could undertake the work for us at a reasonable price. The assembly at Kirkby agreed to support the work by providing the initial finance for the print run. We asked for a print run of 8,000 texts. In the goodness of God we received 80,000 for the same price! From this small beginning the work began.

We knew that we could not use all the 80,000 texts and therefore approached brethren we knew working in the prison ministry, in children’s work and in evangelism generally, to see whether they could use some of our stock. In conjunction with our own work in Warsop, we also explored ways of using our computer equipment to print our own invitation on the back. Initially we set up the text as a postcard inviting people to send for free literature using a P.O. Box kindly loaned by a brother in the Curzon Street assembly, Derby. We had seen this prove useful in other outreach activities and it was helpful to us in getting gospel literature into a number of homes. The support from local saints in door-to-door evangelism was a great encouragement. We have received replies from as far apart as Liverpool and Nottingham prisons although neither area had been visited.

From that small beginning we have sent our cards to all parts of the UK and to Africa. We have developed the work using original artwork. We now have our own range of texts, and bookmarks and hope to develop a pocket (business card) size card which we can also turn into fridge magnets. We have developed our over-printing service to enable cards to carry maps and other personalised invitations on the reverse. In total we have been back to the printers four times and have distributed close to a half million cards. The work has been supported solely by the free-will offerings of the Lord’s people. It has been our decision and exercise that as the Lord had provided for the work to start so He would supply if the work was to continue.

We believe that the word of God is quick and powerful and pray that those half million portions may be greatly blessed to His glory and the salvation of the lost.


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