Look on the Fields

Look on the Fields – JOHN 4. 35

Look on the fields that are white unto harvest,
Bright with the promise of grain fully grown.
Ripe to be gathered by husbandmen toiling,
But of the reapers, oh, where have they gone?

Seed that was sown, some with power, some in weakness.
After long years at last starteth to grow.
Gone are the sowers to rest from their labours;
Where are the reapers – why tarry they so?

Great is the harvest our Master expecteth!
Shall we stand idle while watching it die?
Heedless that we an account must soon render
Of the white fields that around us now lie.

Brethren, the fields are now white unto harvest;
Clear comes the call of the Master anew:
“Great is the increase, the harvest is plenteous,
Where are the reapers?” He calleth for you!

E. R. Warrender, Methil, Fife.

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