Lymmouth Disaster

The sympathy of friends all over the country has been a tremendous cheer to the believers at Lynmouth. The immediate and generous response to the need enabled them to give substantial and much-appreciated aid in cases of immediate distress, and we believe this will commend the gospel.

It is too early to form a reliable estimate of the ultimate need, but up to the time of writing (October 9th), the Assembly Relief Fund opened at Barnstaple has received the sum of £3,200.

Various other needs will probably arise, but the main consideration now is the erection of a new hall. One of the problems in the re-planning of the devastated village has been to find suitable sites for new buildings, and details of the official proposals are not expected until the beginning of November; but, meanwhile, the Chief Planning Officer has taken a sympathetic view of the assembly’s case.

We are sure our readers will join us in prayer that all may be overruled for the strengthening of the assembly’s witness in the area.

As stated in our last issue, the Treasurers of the Fund are H. R. Shapland and H. Leswill, Bellaire House, Barnstaple.


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