Make me … a little cake first

‘Make me … a little cake first’, 1 Kings 13. 17

These words should be enshrined in every believer’s heart. God’s claim upon our lives has absolute priority over all else. Where this is done nothing but true blessing will ultimately be found.

Elijah speaks as God’s representative at that time. What would have been a selfish, unreasonable demand became a reasonable demand and the key to all future blessing. The heart of God is to be ministered unto for His satisfaction and pleasure before all other considerations.

All the future blessing of this widow and her son hinged upon the response she made to this demand. Seeing she did not know fully the true identity of this stranger it showed a generous, unselfish attitude to give her last provisions to a demand in God’s name, but in giving it she received abundantly more. The demand of God, which seemed so great, in fact robbed her of nothing, rather it appeared it might guarantee her supply. The interest paid out was manifold upon so small a capital laid out and all who follow this path of surrender prove it to be so.

The word ‘first’ implies a reliable promise. The word ‘first’ must, of course, require a second or more to follow. Having made first for God, there would be enough for her need secondly, as the prophet said, ‘after make for thee and for thy son’. Faith believed that which the prophet spoke. It indicated that giving her all to God would open the hand of God in blessing. Her faith was put into action! Prove me now, says God. If God says ‘first’ is it not evident He has in mind a second also? And the second He guarantees from Himself has always been better and greater than the first He asked from us.

Here is also a recognised principle. This is a principle for life upon which it is always safe to act. None have ever come to grief following its precept, but many have failed in refusing its message. No circumstance can be imagined where it does not hold good. Personally, both in time and purpose, let us give Him first place – home, business, school, testimony, service, and fellowship. Give this Man place!


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