Millennium Matters

In the past few issues of the magazine we have asked for contributions concerning any preparations that use the occasion of the transfer from the second to the third Millennium for special gospel/teaching efforts that could be shared with others. Thankfully, we can now share some of these things with you.

The move from the second to the third millennium will be regarded by the religious world, at least, as a momentous occasion. Whether the general population like it or not, the moment does owe its whole ethos to the first coming of the Lord Jesus into our world.

The surface interest with what the future of the world holds in store with such prominence given to the prophesies of the likes of Notrodamus, has also heightened the air of expectancy and sensitivity of people in general, to look for certainties in an uncertain world scene.

There is no doubt that this represents an opportunity of gigantic proportions to all believers, to witness openly to their faith in Christ, that will not occur again. Whether this is on a personal or collective level it is something we dare not miss taking advantage of for the Lord.

In looking at the response to our appeal, if it is representative of assembly awareness or desire to do something, then we have a long way to go and very little time to do anything. Thankfully, forward looking publishers and some people with a great deal of vision have been planning to get the materials we shall need into our hands and we owe them a tremendous debt for so doing. WE are grateful to those who did write in to tell us about what they planned. Here is a summary that we hope will inspire you into action.

* The new ‘Counties’ School’s Mobile Exhibition designed to go into a 40 foot trailer, and for use with secondary pupils, will present the person of Christ through various visual and audible displays. It will provide a 45 minute experience for a class of pupils and is in preparation now, to be launched in March 2000.

* A ‘Time Tunnel’, designed to be the main attraction in a marquee used in Agricultural Shows, mainly for voune children. The theme of the whole exhibit being ‘It’s About Time’, the tunnel is at its heart. The children pass through a darkened passageway illuminated by light-boxes, the contents of which take them through time. Combined with the other Christian displays this clearly presents the importance of the coming of Christ.

* There were many smaller and less demanding projects but of wider effect locally such as:- count down tracting as the Millennium approaches; compiling and producing an assembly calendar for 2000 for distribution to the neighbourhood; being part of the community commemorations; producing a commemorative souvenir booklet of the assembly’s life past and present; a special reunion celebration supper for all past contacts; a special hymn and song book produced to be used and then taken away from the Millennial Watch Night Service; a New Year’s Breakfast for a particular group of the community.

* Purchase a large supply of the special Millennial Gospels, youth and children’s commemorative packs produced by Christian Publicity Organisation for presentation as a gift to any household in the neighbourhood that will take them.

* A special showing of the ‘Jesus’ film as part of a programme of visitation and celebration of this event.

* A Millennium Questionnaire/Survey entitled ‘Life as we approach the year 2000’, used as a door to door opportunity to present the gospel.

* Use the ‘Millennium Exhibition’ produced at a very reasonable price by CPO, in A2 display sheets as part of the Millennial experience provided.

* Several series of ministry, dealing with such subjects as ‘Evangelism in the next Millennium’; ‘The Return of Christ’; ‘The Judgement Seat’, have been arranged over the New Year.


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