Mr. William Trew

On Friday, August 6th, 1971, Mr. William Trew of Cardiff passed into the immediate presence of his Lord. He will be greatly missed.

The foundation of his life of spiritual usefulness was laid in his middle teens when, having been led to Christ for salvation, he was baptized and joined to the assembly in Shields Road Hall, Motherwell. From that time he showed more than usual interest both in the work and witness of the assembly, and in the study of God’s Word.

Burdened to devote his life to the service of Christ, he came to South Wales in 1921 to share in the Gospel Tent work of Messrs. Bernard and Norris. Soon after this he was commended to the Lord’s service, and consistently shared in evangelizing and planting assemblies. The years of happy yoke-service with the late Air. Walter Norris in the valleys of South Wales are still a treasured memory of many.

Mr. Trew was also equipped by the ascended Christ for pastor-teacher service. His painstaking study of God’s Word gave richness to his public teaching. God’s help to His people through His servant was saluted by the large company which attended the funeral in Cardiff, indicating how wide-spread his ministry had been throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Here was one totally committed to the New Testament teaching regarding the assembly, and who discharged the Lord’s threefold commission, never shunning to declare the whole counsel of God.

In addition to oral preaching and teaching, Mr. Trew has written many helpful articles on the Scriptures over the years. The series currently running in Precious Seed on the Epistle to the Galatians is a sample of his profitable service in this field, and it is interesting to recall that he contributed a series on The Church of God commencing in the first issue of the magazine in 1945.

But the memory of the man himself will mean more than that suggested by these brief glimpses of his public ministry. Mr. Trew was, above all, a godly man, who enjoyed intimate fellowship with his Lord. His character was formed in the sanctuary. Little wonder that so many turned to him for counsel and help. Younger and more mature believers alike had such confidence in him because this man of the Word was a man of God.

For him now it is very far better. For us, there remains the memory of a faithful preacher, teacher, writer, shepherd, friend, whose faith we should seek grace to follow, and whose ministry lives on to stir us to greater devotedness to our soon coming Lord.


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