Question: Necessary to be Baptised to Break Bread?


Is it necessary for a Christian to be baptised before remembering the Lord in the breaking of bread?


The necessity lies in the fact that it is the scriptural order and practice. Let the reader test the truth of this as recorded in the book of the Acts: he will find that the order is individuals believed, were then baptised and thereafter are found “breaking bread.” There may be exceptional cases and each case must be judged on its own merits but someone has wisely remarked that we have no more right to change the order than we have to change the ordinance. Those who wish to break bread and obey the Lord in one particular should show good reason why they have not obeyed Him in the prior matter of baptism. It seems odd to be disobedient to one thing and obedient to another; it looks much like self-will and Self-choosing and gives one to feel that the breaking of bread in such case is not an act of obedience but more of superstition. We should avoid, however, being legal or hard in our attitude towards friends who have failed to be baptised; we should graciously instruct them in the right ways of the Lord.


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