Question: Why are the Proverbs Neglected as a Basis for Practical Ministry?


In addition to the teaching of the New Testament, can a careful study of the Proverbs together with personal experience assist in the development of the Believer’s New nature? If so, why are they neglected as a basis for practical ministry?


All Scripture is given by inspiration and is profitable; whatsoever was written aforetime was written for our learning. It follows, therefore, that a careful study of the book of Proverbs can only result in good. They furnish not only heavenly rules for the earthly pathway, but also divine principles which should be observed in spiritual matters. The “wisdom” of this book personified is the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Wisdom of God, and it will throw much light on the Proverbs if it is remembered that the voice of Wisdom there is the voice of our Lord.

Why the book is “neglected” others must say: no part of the Scripture should be thus treated.


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