Reports of Gospel Work

In our next Number we hope to announce that we have a Correspondent for each area of the British Isles. The brethren who are already helping in this way are busy men, but they gladly devote a considerable amount of time to the work. They tell us, however, that their task would be very much easier, and their reports more comprehensive, if they could receive more Information about evangelistic activity in connection with the various assemblies.


Send Reports to STANLEY H. SAYERS, 3a, Crieff Rd., Wandsworth, S.W. IS.

Evangelistic Mobile Unit.

We rejoice to hear that several have been brought to Christ and some already baptized through the work of the “Evangelistic Mobile Unit” of South London and District. This now consists of a three-ton Bedford with a specially built body capable of sleeping four brethren and carrying, if required, up to twenty passengers. It is equipped with the most modern instruments for broadcasting by word of mouth and gramophone. Each evening (except Friday) the Unit is working in and around London, when five or six men work in the happiest fellowship. C. W. Darke. in his report, says: “Come with me in thought to a. busy thoroughfare: the Unit pitches up the music attracts, the listeners hear the glorious message. Several men are listening on the kerb outside a public house. One seems intensely interested. A worker approaches and conversation follows. The worker asks for the van to be cleared of workers and presently, in the closed Unit, the two are talking over the Scriptures, and then kneel in prayer. The man is gloriously saved. The Unit has become a prayer and praise room. The convert is put in touch with the local Christians. Is it worth it? A thousand times yes. And this is not an isolated case.”

Counties Evangelistic Work.

This work is a “link of fellowship” between the assemblies and the brethren and sisters who are carrying the glad tidings of God’s salvation into the unreached parts of the rural districts. It seeks to acquaint the Lord’s people with the deep spiritual needs of our country and to encourage fellowship with those who give themselves to meeting those needs. Brethren linked in this happy service are commended by the assemblies and there are usually ten or twelve brethren endeavouring to evangelize the villages of the counties adjacent to London. These brethren are entrusted either with a gospel caravan, tent, or amplifier, or a combination of these, for a given county or district for their use in the testimony of the gospel The annual meetings for prayer, praise and report of the past season’s work are to be held at Blooms bury Central Church, W.C. 2. We hope to publish a report in our next Number.


Send Reports to C. H. DARCH, Nether lea, Tarn a r Avenue, Taunton.

W. E. Davies, of Cardiff, has recently completed a three-week Gospel Campaign in the Southmead district of Bristol. This working-class estate consists of Spine 4,000 Council houses and the marquee was pitched right in the middle between the pre-war and the post-war areas. Considering the large population, the number in the meetings each evening was not at all encouraging despite much advertising and invitation, but there was much blessing among those who did come and, in all. at least twelve were either saved or restored from backsliding. The children’s services were very well attended and although the boys and girls were very boisterous they took the message in and many professed to be saved, a large number of whom it is felt were really sincere. A big set-back was experienced after nearly two weeks when the wind ripped one end of the marquee into shreds, and it had to be hastily dismantled; but within 24 hours another smaller tent was erected and the work continued with hardly any interruption. W. E. Davies was very ably assisted in the ministry by E. Vetters, of Middlesbrough, and H. Purton, of Berkhamstead.

(I. F. Aitken.)

The second summer session of Children’s Services on Woolacombe Sands has just been completed. We must first of all acknowledge Clod’s goodness to us during the past weeks. We made a start at the end of July, and it was a joy to meet again some of the girls and boys whom we met during the summer of 1947. Numbers were not really great, averaging about 35 to 40 each week, The children listened attentively to the. stories told by which we sought to point them to the Saviour, Bible “quizzes” also created keen competition between girls and boys. Another matter for thanks-giving was the number of adults who gathered around and listened each week. Although we have no definite news of conversions to pass on, we feel sure that several were really concerned.

(G. Lewis.)

From beginning to end of the Tent Campaign at Tiverton (Aug. 22nd – Sept. 5th) there was an encouraging note. An after-church rally on the first Sunday night saw the tent packed to its 300 capacity. Weeknight meetings also were well attended. For the second two Sundays there was a bigger crowd than the tent could hold. Stirring, straight-from-the-shoulder messages from ex-R. A. F. Evangelist, Bob Pettifer, resulted in about 30 visitors professing conversion. Many are showing good signs of continuance, and some have carried their testimony back to churches and chapels with which they were previously associated. Children’s meetings were not as well attended as the adult services, but good work was done with those who did come. Christian friends visiting St. Aubyn’s School, Tiverton. as guests of Mr, and Mrs. D. Harmar-Smith, gave considerable help. One of them, Gordon Barnes, M.A., a lecturer in biology and kindred subjects St London University, conducted a novel testimony each evening, by cross examining two volunteers in the “witness box” about their Spiritual experience. His own testimony gave the assurance that in all his studies he had never coma across a single scientific fact to disprove Scripture.

(G. R. Worrall.)

Good numbers and keen interest are reported from the St. Thomas (Exeter) Gospel Tent Campaign commenced on Sept. 5th by C. McEwen (Exeter) and James Hutchinson (N. Ireland).

In Chard a Young People’s Bible Study Class is being held weekly in a private house. In the homely and informal atmosphere questions are freely asked and comments unhesitatingly made.

The “Christ Claims Cornwall” Campaign, conducted by Edgar Jackman and co-workers, was brought to a close on Sept. 25th at Callington. Much interest was shown, especially among children. During varied weather the open-air witness has been effectively carried on. One young man professed conversion at Falmouth and several other earnest seekers were contacted, but without definite surrender both there and elsewhere. Keen interest was shown by children at Hea Moor and St. Columb Minor. There was comparatively little interest shown by adults in the Wadebridge, Camelford and Tintagel areas. A German ex-prisoner contacted at Launceston was very interested.

G. J. Comber, of Weymouth, acknowledges the Lord’s blessing in connection with the distribution of Gospel Tracts and personal contacts on a new housing estate in his neighbourhood.

We regret that we have not enough space to print in full a report of the M.S.C. Conference at Monkton Coombe, sent in by Dr. Chas. Sims (Exeter). The. Christian fellowship found in indoor and outdoor activities and the most practical ministry of the Word of God, made this August Bank Holiday weekend 3, memorable one. Those who attended will not want to miss next year’s Conference and other young people are heartily invited to join them.


Send Reports to PEARSON R. CHAMINGS, 3, Birch Road, Rubery, Nr. Birmingham.

from David Long we have received a report of the Derbyshire Evangelistic Work during the summer together with details of Rallies to be held in Derby during thy winter months. Frequent prayer meetings, which on four occasions continued throughout the night, resulted in definite blessing during the summer. Old and young were saved during the Tent Campaign on the Roe Farm Estate where local brethren are seeking accommodation to continue the work.


Send Reports to J. HOWARD HALL, 12, Borough Road, Jarrow-on-Tyne, Go. Durham,

David Thompson, of Bradford, has been visiting the Swainhouse Estate, Bradford, with tracts for some months past. During June and July D. Brayshaw, of Harrogate, held a tent mission there and used a Flannel graph for children’s services. Attendances were very good, teaching 230 on some occasions, the smallest number being about 71). The 3rd Annual Young People’s Rally was held at Blyth on July 10th. The afternoon was given to a discussion on “Youth Rallies Methods and Objects,” opened by W. Wedderburn, of Newcastle. Attendance was good in the evening when about 250 people listened with great interest to a powerful address from W. Harrison, of Glasgow, on 1 Thess, 4. Visits to several assemblies in the Tyneside area were made by C. Tilsley, of India, and Capt. E. G. Carre, of the M.S.O.G.A. It is hoped that as a result, direct and personal interest in these two phases of the Lord’s work will be deepened.

Teesside, Tyneside and Wearside, has been the chief item of interest since last report. The gatherings extended from September 17th to 20th, and meetings were held simultaneously on the Friday livening, Saturday (two sessions, afternoon and evening), and the Monday evening, with two speakers of the following six in each area; Dr. P. K. Dixon (Belgian Congo), J. Duthie (Manchuria.), E. G. Fisk (Morocco), W. Gibson (Jamaica), & Rees (India), W. Smith (Brazil), whilst J. M. Davies, of India, ministered from the Word on missionary matters at Newcastle (for the Tyneside gatherings). The reports of the Lord’s work were very thrilling, the ministry was helpful and it is hoped that impressions will he made, especially on the younger generation, which will result in a fruitful influence on the Lord’s work both at home and abroad in days to come. The urgent need for more workers found a suitable place in the messages our brethren gave, and no one could leave without feeling a sense of the deep need to fill the gaps that appear everywhere in the work overseas. Dr. Dixon and F. W. Smith continued in the district for a few nights, with interesting lantern slides to illustrate their reports. Attendances were very gratifying and every aspect of the gatherings was definitely encouraging. The Lord granted us exceptionally good weather over the whole period and this was the more noticeable in view of the fact that very indifferent climatic conditions had prevailed to within two days of the first meeting.

Note. Headers will be interested to know that Mr, and Mrs. David Thompson have recently celebrated their Golden Wedding. Our brother has laboured faithfully for many years in needy places.


Send Reports to A. MULHOLLAND, 6, Commerce Road, Elgin.


Send Reports to ANDREW McNEISH, M.A., Mayfield, Belshill Road, Uddingston, Glasgow.

An outstanding example of the possible outcome of an effort to reach children comes in an encouraging report of ft fortnight’s meetings for boys and girls conducted by D. Mackenzie Miller at Cockenzie, East Lothian, last May. Not only wore five children saved, but the meetings were blessed to adults as well, our of whom, all young women, professed faith in Christ. A further direct result of the meetings was that some unbaptized believers became exercised about baptism and fellowship, and now, altogether six have been added to the assembly. They are going on consistently and showing a real interest in spiritual things.

Ayrshire Gospel Tent.

There was still further encouragement in Ayr after Dan Cameron took over the work in the tent on June 30th. An average attendance nightly of 240 included many mothers who came with children in their arms. The interest was keen and some children between the ages of 10 and 13 professed faith in Christ at the close. For the month of July the tent was pitched in Saltcoast.. Our brother was much encouraged in seeing Sunday School teachers bring whole classes from neighbouring assemblies to his children’s services, so that the average attendance, including adults, was well over 200. One result of the children’s meetings was that at the meetings arranged for adults there were always strangers present, most of them parents brought by children who had been attending the children’s meetings. In August the tent moved to Troon and our brother writes of the bright case of conversion there of a boy of eleven who is most keen and carries the Word home to his unsaved parents, brothers and sisters.

Lanarkshire Gospel Tent.

Our brethren, John and James Hut chins on, spent the second part of the season in Calderbank. From the beginning it was encouraging to see some of the local people attending and there: have been some good cases of conversion.


Send Reports to

WALTER A. NORRIS, 3 Morlais Street, Cardiff, or to HAROLD THOMAS, 269, Caerphilly Road, Cardiff.

During tent work at Grovesend, Gorseinon, R. S. Jones found interest among children but work amongst adults was difficult. One girl of 17 professed conversion. W. E. Davies and David Hyslop held teat meetings in September on the Gabalfa Housing Estate, Cardiff, lad witnessed blessing among young people. A young man of 28 confessed faith in the Lord. Stan Ford and Handel Evans were encouraged by interest and blessing during their summer campaign in Pembrokeshire. The tent was pitched at Pembroke, Haverfordwest, Milford Haven and Tenby. The time spent at Haverfordwest and the children’s services at Tenby were particularly encouraging and a Strong desire exists for further work there. The opening of this county, which is without any assembly testimony, reveals move clearly than ever the need of patient labour in the Gospel and ministry of the Word. W. A. Norris and W. Trew, helped by L. H. Tranter, F. Cundick, E. A, Toll and H. Lacey, have held tent meetings at Bargoed, Machen and Caerphilly during July, August and September. There has been some evidence of the Lord’s hand in blessing, but un the whole the adult work has been difficult. The work at New Tredegar was unhappily brought to a close by a gale which destroyed the tent on July 21st. The way in which the children memorised the Word gave much joy. L. H. Tranter commenced his autumn work on September 12th with a series of meetings at the small assembly at Pencoed. J. D. Jones experienced A time of blessing this season hi teat work in the county of Carmarthenshire at Llangenech and Llwynhendy, A. J. Chilcott and T. W. Hickley gave valued help. Work among children was encouraging and souls were saved, Brethren in the Glanyllyn district conducted a series of tent meetings in their spare time from July 17th to 29th in the neighbouring village of Tongwynlais. Numbers were not large but unsaved ones came in and others listened to the Word outside. Prayer is asked for one who listened one evening and is now laid aside with illness and under deep concern. Christians are in touch with her, seeking to help her in her soul trouble.

Note. The reference to Tredegar in our last report should have been to New Tredegar,


Send Reports to DAVID CRAIG, “Ailsa” Fisherwick Gardens, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.


In the Southampton – Fareham area, young folk from the assemblies use a car with public address equipment to take the gospel to needy parts, especially housing estates. C. Marsh tells us that in the third summer of the work there has been blessing among children and adults.

A. C. Jones writes: “The recently formed assembly in West Bridgford. Nottingham, has constructed its own hall, and the opening meeting will be held on October 2nd.” We hope to include further details later.

It is purposed to hold the next Brethren’s Conference at the Octagon, Taunton on April 7th, 1947.


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