Revelation Chapter 22

‘And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal’, Rev. 22. 1.

Where streams of life eternal freely flow,
With joy above and fruitfulness below;
The tree of life is there – to Adam banned,
‘Tis Paradise regained – Emmanuel’s land.

Where God the Lord resides there is no night,
Nor need they natural or man-made light;
Before the throne His servants gladly bow,
His glorious Name embellishing their brow.

These sayings are both faithful and are true
What blessings rest on those who keep and do!
Complete they are – we dare not add one word,
Who takes away, will merit just reward.

Now as this book draws to its final end
Do we know where eternity we’ll spend?
The Spirit and the Bride they both say, ‘Come’,
Respond, then Heaven will be your endless home.

‘Behold I come’ and ‘surely’ is the word,
It is the promise of our glorious Lord,
And as we wait His blessed face to see,
Our hearts respond – ‘Amen’, so let it be!


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