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The outreach known as ‘Scripture Text Posters’ commenced in 1937 as a result of an exercise by the late Mr. William Fry, an elder in the assembly then meeting at Merrion Hall, Dublin, Ireland. At that time The Irish Times newspaper used to sell a small space for advertisements to be placed either side of the title on it’s front page. He bought one of these spaces and displayed there, without comment, a verse of scripture. The witness quickly struck a chord with some of the local believers who soon caught the vision and formed a committee to broaden this work of faith and to keep informed those with a prayerful interest in reaching men and women still in darkness.

In the succeeding years many different and imaginative sites have been used for the display of God’s precious word. Large billboards throughout Ireland, were rented as the Lord provided, and scripture texts displayed. Some interested folk provided free sites, on the gable end of a hay barn, in church grounds where visible from the road, on the walls of commercial and private buildings or in busy areas of Dublin city.

Before the committee was in a position to print its own posters they were purchased from Scripture Gift Mission in London and from the Trinitarian Bible Society. In recent years many of the texts were specifically printed for the work in Ireland and now carry at the bottom of each a Dublin address, a free offer of a New Testament and a Bible Study Course.

As the opportunities for displays have increased, texts are now displayed on trains, buses and in supermarkets. One of the most encouraging recent expansions has been to print texts on the reverse side of supermarket till rolls for almost every supermarket in the country, all with the free offer included. This represents more than two million advertisements every month and has resulted in hundreds of requests for the offer of the New Testaments and the Bible course. When the introductory course is returned completed it is replaced with a study on John’s Gospel, and so on, right through the New Testament. At the commencement of each New Year we send colourful gospel calendars to all contacts. These have always been very well received and we get many letters of appreciation.

Many enquirers have completed all the studies (several years’ work) and some are now saved and happily in assembly fellowship. One most encouraging case is that of a sister who susequently went on to serve the Lord full-time in Japan. Another is a nun living in a convent who most enthusiastically studies the word and writes regularly of her appreciation for the help given by the courses. Recently, she requested that we send her a study on the Lord’s Supper!

We are constantly looking for new ways to reach the needy with God’s good news of salvation. As a result contracts have been signed for animated displays on very large Plasma and LCD screens in a supermarket chain, in Credit Unions and cinema foyers across the country. These are similar to television screens with very colourful visuals and can be changed electronically, as often as we wish, by telephone from our office in Dublin. The internet is now under consideration as another possible means of display. It has also been suggested that we consider a display on Ryan Air jets but that is not even on the runway as yet!

If you are interested in praying for this work of the Lord please contact us using one of the addresses below and we will be happy to keep you informed as to how the Lord is so wonderfully working and fulfilling His promise, ‘So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not retun unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it’, Isa. 55. 11.

Contact Addresses:
Post: Scripture Text Posters, Lower Glenageary Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Email: [email protected]


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