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What is ‘Seed Sowers'?

How often have we sat back in a gospel meeting and listened to preachers try to convince us that we ought to believe the gospel? By careful argument and skill they make use of the media, science and history to try and show why we should follow Christ and not the world. Have you ever considered that we may have forgotten the tremendous power that exists in the word of God alone? Our careful arguments will never win a single soul for Christ, 1 Cor. 1. 21. The more we display our own intellect and wisdom the more we succeed in diluting the gospel message.

Had we been able to stand back and watch that brief, yet magnificent, process of the creation of the world, Gen. 1, we would never question the power of the word of God. Had we stood at the foot of Sinai and seen the mountain smoke, Exod. 20. 18, and seen tablets inscribed by the ‘finger of God’, Exod. 31. 18, we would never question the authority of the word of God. Had we stood beside the grave of Lazarus and witnessed a four-day-old corpse come to life at the command of the Saviour, John 11. 43, we would never doubt the life-giving power of His word.

As we handle the gospel we always need to remind ourselves that what saves souls is the word of God. It was the belief in the power of the word of God and the desire to see it displayed in as many homes as possible that led to the start of ‘Seed Sowers’.

To date this has been done by delivering ‘Seed Sowers’ packs to homes in many places across the world. The pack consists of a 8 x 10 inch text, in a clear polythene sleeve, showing the words of John 3. 16. This is accompanied by an ‘Owner’s Manual’ which previously came as a separate leaflet but is now printed on the reverse of the text. This briefly outlines the gospel message based on John 3. 16. The pack also contains a reply card. On this card the recipient is asked some brief questions and is given the opportunity to request a copy of Ultimate Questions. Those that have distributed the texts, or believers in the local area, can then follow up the responses received.

History of Seed Sowers

The work of Seed Sowers goes back to 1986 when believers in the assembly in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, delivered the texts to homes in their local area. One day, one of the brethren involved, a Manitoba farmer, was in his field and watched as a tumbleweed blew across the newly prepared soil. As it was blown around the field the tumbleweed dispersed its seed. This seed would either emerge soon after or stay dormant in the ground for years before springing into life. It struck him that God works in a similar way with the souls of men and women, although instead of weeds the outcome is eternal life. He came to the conclusion that displaying the word of God in homes would have a far greater impact than any sermons he might preach.

From that point he set himself the target of distributing texts throughout his home province of Manitoba, within his lifetime. This target was reached within five years and the work stretched into other Canadian provinces and then into the USA. Since then, mass distributions of Seed Sowers texts have been delivered to homes in many other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salavador, Mexico and the UK. In total, over 20 million texts have been distributed in about 25 different languages all over the world.

Seed Sowers in your area

Malcolm Radcliffe in Ayr, Scotland, is the main distributor for Seed Sowers texts in the UK. From there many boxes of texts are sent to assemblies across the UK who have used them to bring the word of God into people’s homes. Some larger-scale distributions have also taken place including Reading, Bracknell and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In these cases, where tens of thousands of texts are involved, they are imported directly from Canada where, at present, all the texts are produced.

There are countless stories of how Seed Sowers texts have been used by God to bring men and women to salvation, testifying to the power of the word of God alone. Many distributions have been used in conjunction with special gospel meetings or outreaches. There is no rule as to how many reply cards you may get back but many of the responses will demonstrate how many souls, in your area, are in such desperate need of God’s salvation.

The vision of Seed Sowers continues to be to get the word of God displayed in as many homes as possible. How many thousands, indeed millions, of homes in the UK alone have never been confronted by the word of God. Time is not on our side. We need to sow the seed now, to reach into homes across the country, to homes in your area! How much longer will we preach to empty seats while millions go in and out of their homes oblivious to the urgency of salvation?

For more information

UK contact for Seed Sowers packs: Malcolm Radcliffe, tel: 01655 884083.
Main address for Seed Sowers: Box 775, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, R1N 3C2. Email: [email protected]


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