Do not feel uneasy at young brethren growing up into service. We were all young once. I am delighted when I see them getting into serious service, but I do look for pastoral care.
For my own part, I bless God when He raises up labourers, and I believe if there were more devotedness, gifts would be developed. Your working at your profession so as to supply current need seems a happy path too, making it secondary only to your work for the Lord, for the time is short. Do not let it hinder you in direct work.
In connection with your work … seek the Lord’s face, and lean on Him. Work is a favour which is granted us. Be quite peaceful and happy in the sense of grace; then go and pour out that peace to souls. This is true service, from which one returns very weary, it may be in body, but sustained and happy; one rests beneath God’s wings, and takes up the service again till the true rest comes.
It is a dangerous thing to be raised all at once into a pulpit. Man’s acceptation is not God’s approbation, although God can give it to us to favour the propagation of the truth.

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