Should believers celebrate Christmas?


Should believers celebrate Christmas?


This question perhaps arises in a believer’s mind because the celebration of Christmas in today’s Western society has been degraded, and is seemingly a time when many over-indulge in drink and other forms of licentious behaviour. However, this need not be the case for the Christian. After all, the birth of Christ was a time when many at that first Christmas bowed the knee in reverence and praised God that His beloved Son had, however, come into the world. The exact day of His birth may not be known; it is good to be able as believers to set aside a day in common with others to remember His coming and to thank God for His unspeakable gift. It is also a time of opportunity for gospel witness, reminding others that Christ, as Jehovah the Saviour, came for the sole purpose of going from the manger to the cross to redeem sinners. The trappings of the Christmas festival mixed up as they are, need not therefore distract believers from testimony to and thankfulness for ‘The Gift of Gifts, all other Gifts in one’.


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