Should young christian families move to an assembly where there are other young people?

Christian couples with young families, or young people by themselves, often wish to move to an assembly where there are other young people – is this a correct thing to do?

The Leading of the Lord

First, we must take any move we may wish to make to the Lord. It is not easy to do this with a clear mind, for often our own desires will colour our prayers and distort our spiritual vision. Is it really what the Lord wants for us?

Circumstances – Inner Conviction – A word from the Lord!

Jacob’s circumstances changed, Gen. 31. 1. 2, indicating he should move and he also had an inner conviction that it was the right thing to do, v. 2, but he did not move until he had a definite word from the Lord that he should do so, v. 3. Sometimes, believers move before they receive clear guidance and years later, looking back, they realize it was a mistake.

What about the Assembly where we are in Fellowship?

Often believers move on for the wrong reasons, perhaps because they feel there is nothing going on in the meeting or because there are no other believers of the same age. However, is it right to look at a fellowship like this? It may be that we are looking from the wrong perspective, i.e., for what we can get out of a meeting, instead of what we should be contributing. Maybe the Lord would want us to stay and serve Him, even if it means loneliness and less fellowship.

Small Elderly Assembly

Does it necessarily follow that young people will suffer in their spiritual lives if they stay in an assembly where there is no one of their own age and where most of the believers are elderly? I do not think so! Often the opportunities are there for greater service. Of course it will require commitment and involvement – no getting lost in the fringes of a meeting or just going to the meetings when it suits us. In these days of increasing decline in spiritual light, there is tremendous scope for gospel work of all kinds from literature distribution through to visitation and work amongst young people. This is true in any locality.

Light Received

Sometimes believers make a wrong spiritual move because they move away from the scriptural light and teaching received on New Testament church truth. This can never be something that the Lord would want us to do. The question which needs to be asked, is ‘Would the Lord have us do something contrary to His word?’


So, if you are thinking of moving out of the fellowship where God has placed you, be careful; make sure your motives are spiritually directed and that any reasons you may decide on for a move are in accord with His word.


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