Slow Down

‘God … rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done’, Gen. 2. 2.

We live in an action-oriented world, and it seems that simplifying our lives has never been more complicated! Doesn’t it seem that there’s always work to do and no time for rest? Answer the following questions as honestly as you can to determine if you need to rest: Do I feel stressed when functioning in my normal day-today activities? Is it difficult to find joy? Do I get the kind of rest my body needs? Do I wake up tired?

In creation, God established a pattern of work and rest, which is a model for believers. For six days God worked to bring order to our world. But on the seventh day, after He had finished all His creative activity, He rested. God demonstrated that rest is appropriate and right. Jesus showed us the importance of rest when He sat wearily beside a well after a long walk, John 4. 6 and when He slept in the back of a boat with His head on a pillow, Mark 4. 38. He also rested when He and His disciples got away from the crowds, Mark 6. 31-32.

If the Lord rested from the work of creation and from His earthly ministry, we need to rest from our work as well. Our times of rest refresh us for times of service. Schedule some ‘slow down’ time this week, – Marvin Williams

If our body, soul, and spirit Are to function at their best, Time is needed for renewal- Time for leisure, time for rest. D. DE HOON.

All work and no play will take the joy of life away.

Extract from Our Daily Bread, a daily reader provided free by R.B.C. Ministries P.O. Box 1, Carnforth, Lancs., LA5 9ES, UK.