Special Notice

We regret to inform our readers that, owing, no doubt, to pressure of work in recent years, our Secretary, Mr. C. Gahan, has had a breakdown in health and has been ordered complete rest for the time being. Since the inception of the Magazine, Mr. Gahan has undertaken an immense amount of work in connection with it, and we are afraid that, owing to the difficulty in distributing the work, he has continued long after failing health suggested the need of a respite. Now temporary rearrangements must be made, and we shall be grateful if readers will take careful note of the following until further notice :–

(1)All correspondence with regard to the supply of the Magazine (new orders, increases, changes of address, back-numbers, etc.) should be addressed to Mr. A.C. Hinton, 21 Oak Ave., Ickenham, Uxbridge, Middx.

(2) Donations should preferably be sent either to Mr. C. H. Darch, “ Greenway,” West Monkton, Taunton, or to Mr. A. G Anstice, Sri Fields Park Road, Newport. Mon. If, however, readers wish to enclose donations when writing as at (1) or

(3) we do not expect them to take the trouble of writing separately.

(4) All other correspondence to be sent to Mr. J. H. Large, 8 Ferndale Road, Teignmouth, Devon.

By observing these arrangements readers will be doing a great deal to help us over a difficult period.

We are sun- readers will join us in prayer for Mr. Gabon’s speedy recovery, that he may be able to resume, not only his valuable work as Secretary of the Magazine, but also his widespread activities in ministry and the gospel.


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