Statement of Accounts for Year End August 1960

WE ARE GRATEFUL TO GOD for the practical support of appreciative readers which so far improved our financial position that we were able to finish our year with a credit balance of £223 18s. 1d.
When it is considered that our circulation is nearly 15,000 we think it will be agreed that care has been taken to use as economically as possible the monies entrusted to us.
Mr. Leslie Moscrop has placed us in his debt again by certifying the accounts, as he has so kindly done since the very inception of the magazine.
Striking testimonies to the helpfulness of the magazine reach us constantly and we are greatly cheered by this evidence of the Lord’s blessing on this effort, which now enters on a tar wider field than we envisaged when Precious Seed was launched as a venture of faith … 15 years ago.

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