Telephone Ministry

The idea for a telephone ministry was first conceived following the onset of Covid-19 and the national lockdowns which were imposed by government to try to restrict the spread of the virus. The inability to meet in person, coupled with the fact that many did not have access to or know how to use computer equipment, meant that many believers were isolated and unable to access Bible teaching. Thus, the work commenced following the exercise of brethren in the Midlands area to meet the need of those believers as they were kept at home during lockdown. They also had the desire to provide a gospel testimony, enabling family members and contacts to access some form of regular witness.

The organizers were keen to provide a service which did not rely on computers. They recognized that a number of people either do not possess a computer, or the necessary operational skills for internet access. However, all were familiar with telephones, whether landline-based or simple mobile. Therefore, enquiries were made, and a commercial telephone conference service was discovered which could be adapted for telephone messages, and accessed by users simply by dialling a phone number and entering a PIN number on a telephone handset.

The initial schedule provided Bible teaching on a Saturday evening using a variety of the Lord’s servants. This followed the pattern of the Saturday evening meetings that had been available locally, pre-Covid. There was also a Sunday gospel message at six o’clock in the evening, again, similar to what was operating before the pandemic. Mid-week, a further provision of ministry was available, aimed at providing consecutive teaching through one or more Bible books. Norman Mellish of Stoke-on-Trent kindly undertook the Thursday night task, and continues to do so more than two years later.

In the early stages, it was particularly encouraging to find unsaved people dialling in to hear the gospel. These were ‘family and friend’ contacts, together with other referrals, to whom the gospel was faithfully presented, albeit over the telephone rather than in person. Whatever the reason may have been for the individual dialling in, the opportunity to sow the good seed was grasped.

In addition, the mid-week Bible teaching has taken listeners through various New Testament Epistles, including Hebrews, James, and 1 and 2 Peter. Some of the notes from these ministry sessions have been expanded into book form.

Overall, the service has proved popular and there are users from many different parts of the United Kingdom who dial in on a weekly basis. The service has been operational for two-and-half years and receives an average of forty callers per session. When taking into account multiple listeners per call, the actual number is believed to be around seventy per session. Whilst the numbers may have reduced from the figures recorded at the height of the pandemic, there is sufficient encouragement to continue the work as the Lord enables.

The Lord’s help is appreciated for permitting the service to continue, and also to many of the Lord’s servants who have ministered the scriptures and preached the gospel, and who continue to do so.

Although some time changes have been made, the current schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday - Ministry 19. 00hrs (a variety of the Lord’s servants)
  • Sunday - Gospel 16. 30hrs
  • Thursday - Ministry 19. 15hrs (Norman Mellish)

This reflects the fact that many halls have reopened and reimplemented their gospel meetings, and among the organizers there was a desire not to clash with such activities. However, the service remains available to anyone with a telephone - either landline or mobile.

Many of the saints who listen to the telephone ministry have difficulties getting out to local assemblies because of age or infirmity. In some cases, since Covid and the closure of some assemblies, there are no local meetings available. It should be emphasized, however, that the telephone service is not an alternative to attending assembly gatherings.

The service can be accessed by dialing:

Phone No.: 0333 016 0300
When prompted, dial 11772233#
(the # is important)
Then dial 8948#

As the Lord enables, we trust that we might continue the work, reaching out to the lost and supporting those believers who struggle to access gatherings in their own area. Please pray for the seed that has been sown, that blessing in salvation might be brought to some.

[This article has been compiled by a number of brethren who have been involved in the work]


This article was written and submitted in February 2023.


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