The Gospel Meeting

During a Gospel Campaign the energies of the Christians are focussed upon the blessing of the unconverted. But every gospel meeting should be regarded as a special mission to non-Christians.

It is natural to attend the gospel-service from force of habit. It is better to share in the preparatory prayer-meeting. It is better, too, to bring along to the service an unconverted person whom we have invited to tea, or to do “fishing” on the streets. Non-Christian people very rarely go to a gospel-meeting on their own initiative.

Do we contribute to the success of the meeting? Or are we hindering blessing by a cold, critical or worldly spirit? Each believer present has a responsibility and helps to form the “atmosphere,” which has a vital bearing upon the success or otherwise of the service.

When the service is over, are we concerned about the unconverted present? Thanks to our negligence, would any intelligent and observant non-Christian be inclined to go away with the idea that we don’t believe what we preach?

The above points are as obvious as the application to them of John 13. 17 is salutary.


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