The Second Epistle of John


Key Words—Love (4 times), Truth (5 times)

  • Address. vv. 1-3. “unto the elect lady and her children.” Private correspondence and personal commendation
    • to a Christian lady—2nd Epistle,
    • to a Christian gentleman—3rd Epistle.
    • (Cp. Paul to Philemon).
  • Atmosphere of Home rather than the Church
    • v. 1 “her children,” v. 4 “thy children,”
    • v. 10 “into your house.
    • (Note the importance of a Christian mother, and her interest in the welfare of her children).
  • Affection for the elect lady—v. 1—“whom I love in the truth (or with true Christian love).”
  • Association with the elect saints—v. 1—“not I only, but also all who have known the truth.”
  • Abiding nature of Truth—v. 2—“for the truth’s sake, which dwelleth in us . . . for ever.”
  • Absorbing nature of Truth—v. 3—“in truth and love.”
  • Adherence to the truth—-v. 4 — “walking in truth.”
  • Admonition concerning truth and love (vv. 5-11).
    • v. 5. Desire of the Father—“that we love one another.”
    • v. 6. Definition of Love—“this is love, that we walk after His commandments”
    • v. 7. Danger of Deceivers—“many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in flesh”
    • v. 9. Doctrine of Deity—
      • defined—the Doctrine of Christ
      • distorted—“whosoever advanceth beyond the doctrine ... abideth not in the doctrine”
    • v. 10. Denial of Fellowship—“receive him not into your house ...”
  • Admonition—vv. 12, 13.
    • Prospect—“to speak face to face”
    • Pleasure—“that our joy may be full.”

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