Three Men of God

The only three men recorded in scripture that ‘walked with God’ are Enoch, Noah, and Levi.

A Prophet

In Genesis 5. 18-24 we read of Enoch. His name means, ‘Initiated or Dedicated’, and he dedicated his life to God.

His walk with Cod was habitual, and he had this testimony that he ‘pleased God’. He lived by faith and was translated up to God by faith, Heb. 11. 5.

Enoch is a picture of the saved on earth at the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to the air to collect His bride from this old world and all its wicked ways.

Enoch was the seventh from Adam and that would speak to us of perfection, 1. John 3. 2 ‘when he shall appear we shall be like him’ and Philippians 3. 21 ‘who shall change our vile body that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body’.

Enoch prophesied that the Lord cometh. He lived a year for every day of the year, that is to say, he lived for 365 years on earth before God took him away.

A King

In Genesis 6. 9 we read of Noah walking with God, and his name means ‘Rest or Comfort’, and he lived for 950 years.

In his generation Noah ‘found grace in the eyes of the Lord’, Gen. 6. 8 (his salvation). God talked with Noah (his communion) Gen. 6.13. Cod covenanted eight times with Noah (his promises), Gen. 9. 13. Eight would speak of resurrection, or something new. The evidence of God’s promise is His rainbow in the sky. Noah did what God commanded (his obedience), Gen. 6. 22.

Noah was the tenth from Adam and ten would speak of man’s responsibility, e.g. the ten commandments. Noah typifies the King, as after the flood he was sovereign over the whole earth, Gen. 9. 2-3.

A Priest

In Malachi 2. 4-7 we read of Levi. His name means ‘joined’ or ‘attached’ (the third son of Jacob), and Levi became God’s appointed tribe to serve Him. His work was a marriage of service, or joined to God, and was a mediator for the Children of Israel.

Levi had the covenant of life and peace and spoke of law; of truth without sin. He walked with God in peace and equity and justice and godly fear. He turned many from their sins. Levi would speak to us of the Priest.

Prophet, Priest and King

In contrast when we come into the New Testament, there was only one person that walked with God, and He is The Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Prophet, the King and the Priest, who is so anointed by God Himself.

In Luke 7. 16, He is declared as a ‘great prophet’. In Revelation 17. 14, He is declared as the ‘Lord of lords, and the King of kings’. Luke 1. 33 ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end’. In Hebrews 6. 20 He is declared as a High Priest for ever. As a testimony the heavens opened on at least three occasions and declared Him to be the One in whom God was well pleased (in whom He found great delight). He is the unique Son, the Beloved of the Father, Matt. 3. 17; 17. 5; John 12. 28.

As God and man He walked and talked. His words were oracles, many of His acts were miracles. Some of old time have been king-priest, some have been king-prophets, and some priests have prophesied, but our Lord Jesus Christ is the only person who can be Prophet, Priest, and King. This is the Person that we can trust in every situation.


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