Thyatira – “The Son of God.”

In presenting the Person of the Lord to the Church at Thyatira the Spirit for the first and only time in these letters gives us the name of the One Who speaks The Son of God.”

It would appear that this company had but lightly held the vital Truth of the position and authority of the Lord in the assembly and bringing this home to ourselves, how many there are who appear to think that the meeting is a sphere where every man may do that which is right in his own eyes (Judges 21. 25). May we ever remember that the perfect Administrator of the Church and the One Who claims our allegiance in the assembly as well as in our private lives, is none other than the Son of God – crowned on the throne and yet walking amongst the lampstands.

This truth is further brought out in the description that follows: “His eyes as a flame of fire, His feet as fine brass.” Are these the eyes that looked on Peter with such tenderness that he went out to weep bitterly? Arc these the feet that trod the weary desert miles to meet the sinner of Sychars well? The beautiful feet that “bringeth good tidings.” It is said of human affection that love is blind but let us not dare to lower the standard of His love to that of ours. The very perfection of love demands the holiest severities against evil and no gentle eye could ever be turned on the lawless corruption that threatened the Church at Thyatira.

The description, “flame of fire,” speaks of light which penetrates and reveals, whilst the words, “burnished brass,” tell of righteous judgment on that which is not subject to Him Who speaks. Judgment must begin at the house of God, and if only we who bear His name would enter into a deeper appreciation of these Truths what a difference would appear in our behaviour in the assembly,


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