To Spread the Gospel – the Believer’s Responsibility

This is an extract from the first issue of Precious Seed, Vol.1 No.1, September 1945

Our little island has, of late, been very much like Palestine was in the early days of Christianity wherein folk of diverse lineage and skin colour have dwelt. At that time there were found people from all branches of the human race. The eunuch from the line of Ham; Saul of Tarsus from the line of Shem; and Cornelius from the line of Japheth. Then, too, the Lord found men who were ready to ‘go and tell’ these people the good news of Christ who died for the ungodly and who had been raised from the dead. Philip, Ananias and Peter were all available for that purpose: their hearts were in such close touch with the Lord that they received their marching orders from Him and followed them with instant and glad obedience. What happy results followed in each case.

The lesson is plain. It is for writer and reader to look well to the state of our souls, and to permit nothing to come between ourselves and the Lord. Then we shall ‘know His will’ and then we shall be ‘willing to do’ it.

Some may be told by the Lord to ‘go home’ and tell their friends: some may be bidden to go a few miles to a Caesarea, not far off: others may be as Paul was, sent to another continent. The sending of the servant is the prerogative of the Lord: He will choose the time and place, but He only chooses those who have been ready to ‘begin at Jerusalem’ or to ‘serve at Antioch’. To run unsent is to court disappointment to ourselves and worse, displeasure to Him. To choose our own sphere is to usurp His prerogative.

‘Whom shall I send?’ demonstrates that He elects His workmen. ‘Who will go for us?’ indicates that He restricts Himself to those who are ready to respond to His call.

May we all be ready to say, irrespective of what He may thereafter direct, ‘Lord, here am I; send me.’ To be chosen of Him is itself a great honour, and to labour just where He directs is a great joy.


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