W. A. Norris


Mr. W. A. Norris, Cardiff, passed to be with Christ on Lord’s Day 25th February, 1968. Saved in tender years, baptized and received into fellowship before he was twelve years old, he was in fellowship with the saints in Adamsdown Assembly for 62 years. Consecrated to Christ, and called into whole-time service in 1920, he has devotedly served the Lord in evangelizing and teaching these 47 years. Specially burdened about the need in Wales, where he was greatly used to the salvation of many and the blessing of saints, his sphere of ministry gradually enlarged, and many in each country of these Islands have great cause to praise God for the blessing conveyed to them through his ministry. For some years he was jointly responsible for the Reports of the Lord’s work in South Wales that appeared in the Precious Seed Magazine. To be in the company of this man of much prayer and great spirituality was to breathe the fragrance of Christ, and deep impressions were made upon us by the Christlikeness of the man, even more than by his words. Never very strong, during the last two years he suffered much, but was still the same sweet, uncomplaining saint he had ever been. He, perhaps more than most, could truly say, “For me to live is Christ”, as, having no other interest, he testified the Gospel of the grace of God, preached the kingdom of God, declared all the counsel of God, built churches of God, and has left many of us with longings of heart to “follow him as he followed Christ”, William Trew


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