What shall I do?

You have often said these words, haven’t you? Perhaps some problem has arisen in your studies or you have an invitation to go some where, maybe some fit her matter needs a decision – whatever it is, it just means that for the moment you are unable to give an answer. You intend to think it over carefully and then decide what you will do.

Occasions may arise when the most careful thought will have to be given, because tremendous issues will depend upon your answer. However important these may be, there are matters which outweigh them, for the simple reason that they are spiritual and have not only present but Eternal considerations.

Think of the Lord Jesus before Pilate. Imagine that you are there with the crowd in the Judgment Hall. What a clamour there is, and how insistent the cry of the people ‘Jet Him be crucified.’ But Pilate knows in his heart that this Man is a just Man – has done nothing amiss – and suddenly all the pent-up feelings of his inner convictions are expressed in well-known words, “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?” (Matt. 27. 22).

What shall I do? We know what Pilate did. He delivered the Son of God to be crucified, and wicked hands put Him to death on Calvary’s tree.

Perhaps you say, I'm glad I was not in Pilate’s place. I would not like to make the decision he made.

Beforeyou dismiss the matter in this way, just remember that God raised the Lord Jesus from the dead, and has crowned Him with glory and honour, and exalted Him to be a Prince and a Saviour. Because of this you are brought into a position of great responsibility and you must make a choice. It is impossible to evade the issue. “For all have sinned, and tome short of the Glory of God” (Rom. 3. 23). That includes you and, because it does, you need the Saviour.

He stands on the threshold of your young life today, yea knocks at your heart’s door (Rev. 3. 20).

Do you really know your need? Have you felt a deeplonging to have the Lord Jesus as your Saviour? Are you hesitant? Do you say “What shall I do with Jesus"?

The writer can well understand how you feel. Will you do what he did as a youth? Open your heart and life now to the Lord Jesus Christ. Accept Him as your own personal Saviour, and a great joy and peace will come to you.

What shall I do? Upon your answer to this vital question depends not only the best in this present life, but your eternal destiny – you cannot be neutral.

Will you not say today – even now:

Saviour, I give Thee ray heart today!
Saviour, I’ll follow Thee all the way. Gladly obeying Thee! Will you say:
This will I do with Jesus?

A. G. Anstice


Of the 20 junior entries, 6 were faultless, and the beat was from Elaine Rich (9½) of Felpham, who wins the prize. The others, in order of merit, were Richard Chamings (8), Margaret Goss (9), Alan Turner (10), Heather Meade (9), and Marion Cross (10).

Of the 29 entries from those over 12 years old (some well over our normal limit of 16). 8 contained no error of any kind; the prize for the best was won by KathleenKingston (15) of Drimoleague; the others were from Jean Mcleod (17), Rosemary Prouten (15), Julia Cutland (16), Annie Ratter (13), Ruth Cleaver (14), Margaret Scott (14), and Sheila Perry (15).

Alter: Isaac – Rebekah. Gen. 24. 67.

Add: "Other references were accepted, if correct.”

T. J. L.


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