Why Is Gospel Literature Important in a Digital World?

This is a good question! We live in a world where people access information in many different ways. Despite the rapid rise of communication via digital means, it is surprising that so much of our information is still presented in written and printed form. I may be old-fashioned, but I still enjoy reading a printed book or magazine when possible.

I spend a lot of my day reading information on my phone and accessing various websites on my tablet or laptop; there is, however, still a place for printed material. So, this brief article highlights the need to write good quality gospel material so that people who are not believers can explore the truth of the gospel in private. How that material is presented in terms of quality of print, design, and appropriate illustrations is going to be outside the scope of this paper, but it is also very important. If people do not even pick up or accept a leaflet because it looks cheap, it does not reflect the value and importance of the message, and we have failed at the first hurdle.

In most situations in life, we need to look at what is required and how it will be used so that we can meet people’s specific needs. For instance, when giving out leaflets on the street, it will be rare for someone to accept a long and detailed explanation of some biblical doctrine. We need to hand out a leaflet that catches their attention. It must explain in simple and precise terms the challenge of the gospel. It should present the fundamental truths of salvation or raise an issue that will make them aware that they need to think about these things. Writing something short and precise can be hard at times; often, being long-winded is an easier option. Some of you (men and women) have the ability to write, but you have only done it so far in an employment situation. So, it may be appropriate to think about how you can use those skills to present the truths of the gospel in a simple and readable way. We need good writers to apply their minds to presenting gospel truth in an engaging style that will get people to think. We must never assume that someone in the street will not want a more detailed explanation of gospel truth, or answers to questions they have had for a long time. Therefore, having good literature on hand, which goes into more detail about the gospel is also wise. All in all, we should remember to quote plenty of scripture. The word of God is more effective than our explanations, ‘So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’, Rom. 10. 17.

In 2011, we at Precious Seed Publications decided to commission, design, and print a gospel booklet series that believers, evangelists, and local assemblies could use to spread the gospel. We called it ‘Faith Matters’. One reason for the name was to draw people’s attention to the fact that faith does indeed matter. The other thought was that we were writing about matters of faith. All believers agree that faith, and specifically faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving work, is a matter of great importance. The Lord Jesus Christ and His saving work really matter, and we want to bring that gospel message to as many people as possible. Our objective was to publish a well-written and professionally designed booklet. You will need to judge how successful we have been in this enterprise.

Since 2011, eleven issues of this publication have been produced. We usually have about five articles in each booklet explaining some aspect of the gospel or highlighting a topical issue that might draw the reader’s attention to the word of God. People often receive ‘Faith Matters’ when I offer it to them because of the range of articles to choose from, and it looks like it is worth holding on to.

To see the latest publication (FM 11), please visit the online shop through our website, www.preciousseed.org, or https://www.preciousseed.org/faith-matters/. There are also back issues available for purchase at a discount.

I highly recommend this gospel pamphlet for use in a local church outreach setting or personal evangelism.


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