Youth Asks Questions – How Would You Answer?

In a certain English city, sixth-formers from a large number of schools combine to organize Brains Trusts, at which leading citizens are invited to answer a large number of questions. As It is useful to know how the mind of youth is working on ‘religious’ matters we appreciate the opportunity of publishing the questions posed at a recent Brains Trust on “Religion and the Modern World.”

  1. Can Communism be regarded as a religion?
  2. Are Sunday Schools out of date? If so, should they be substituted for some other institution?
  3. Religious people claim that religion can bring unity and peace to the world. How is this possible seeing that there are so many different religions in -the world, with varying standards of conduct?
  4. Is religion the answer to the present crime-wave?
  5. Does Christianity recognize a colour-bar? If not, is Christianity possible for a South African statesman?
  6. Which is the most important in the moulding of man’s character - Religion, Heredity or Environment.
  7. Have Christians any right to impose their views on others by Parliamentary legislation?
  8. Seeing that a Communist or Fascist cannot obtain a Civil Service post, has the Toleration Act of 1689 fallen into oblivion?
  9. Has Christianity failed?
  10. Why has the Church always supported Capitalism?
  11. It has been said that religion is a drug used by the ruling classes to keep the poor where they are. Is this true?
  12. What should Christianity do to counteract the advances of Communism?
  13. Do the policies of the Kremlin spring from a love of humanity?
  14. Does Christianity aggravate wars?
  15. Has religion opposed or obstructed the social and mental progress of man?
  16. Has science disproved religion?
  17. Does lack of religious faith necessarily lead to moral retrogression?
  18. Has there been a decline in moral standards in this century? If so, what is the cause?
  19. Can we create fine characters - that is, people who are honest, pure, loving, generous, etc. - merely by education? If so, what sort of education will it be?
  20. Need democracy have any basis in religion?
  21. Is home-life happier and healthier if the members of the family have a religious faith?
  22. In view of the fact that Christian missionaries have always been followed by westernization, with its diseases, drink and gunpowder, has it been a blessing?
  23. What is the aim of human life?
  24. Is war between Communism and Christian democracy inevitable?
  25. Is the Church misusing money by spending it on restoring sacred buildings? Are there better ways of spending it?
  26. Can the world be saved by changing human nature or the system by which we live?
  27. Are young people today worse than their parents?
  28. Will each member of the Brains Trust say how they have reached their present standards of conduct. Also, how would they set about improving themselves?
  29. Is Christianity practicable in business?
  30. If you had the entire upbringing of a selfish, wilful, bad-mannered scruffy little boy, how would you set about turning him into a law-abiding citizen loving his neighbour?

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