A Faith that endures – Brian Croft

Paperback, 112pp. Published by Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster, HR6 8NZ. Price £5.00. ISBN 978-1-84625-292-1.

This is another of the Day One ‘Reflections’ series, and is sub-titled ‘Meditations on Hebrews 11’, although in the closing chapters of the book attention is given to the Saviour’s endurance of the cross in Hebrews 12 and the exhortation to the elders in Hebrews 13, which is entitled ‘Implications for endurance in pastoral ministry’.

In his ‘Introduction’ the author suggests very helpfully that the basic message of the book of Hebrews centres upon the theme of ‘endurance’, and that it is clear from the Epistle that what produces such endurance is occupation with the supremacy and glory of Christ. Faith is seen to rest in a Person and not a creed, the true believer is one who ‘holds fast to Christ through struggles and hardships until the end’, and Brian Croft, rightly, views the Epistle as being written to encourage its readers to continue in the faith. The ‘Preface’ is followed by seven chapters exploring the theme of faith’s endurance, beginning with Abel, Enoch, and Noah. The Christian is presented as one who must expect to suffer for the Lord’s sake and in those sufferings Christ is magnified in the life of each believer as he depends upon the Lord for comfort and strength.

The consideration of the men and women of faith in Hebrews 11 is limited to key events in the life of each one, and only as they illustrate faith’s endurance, so that only one chapter is devoted to the lives of Abel, Enoch and Noah, and another to the lives of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. However, the author effectively traces his main proposition through the seven chapters, and, while the book is by no means exhaustive, it nevertheless provides the reader with suggestive subject matter for further profitable study of the Epistle to the Hebrews.

[Our thanks to Richard Catchpole, South Norwood, England, for this review]


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