According to Luke

A New Exposition of the Third Gospel, by David Gooding. £5.95. Inter-Varsity Press. 362 pages.

This very readable exposition is divided into two major sections described as “The Coming”, covering Chs. 1 to 9.50, and “The Going”, covering Chs. 9.51 to 24.53. Each of these sections is divided into 5 stages. Opening pages deal with general aims, methods and explanations of the book, and the work closes with three appendices. Unfortunately there is no index – this the only deficiency of the book. Because it is so readable and a continual unfolding of the narrative, there is nothing lost in the scholarly insight the author clearly has into the text of the gospel. It is good to follow the clear way in which the stages of the developing pattern of the Life of the Lord are presented. Each of the ten stages has a preliminary survey and then a detailed analysis. This could be helpful for use in Bible Classes and Study Groups. We commend this as a work in which the beauty of Luke’s portrait of Christ is not lost amidst the technicalities of textual exegesis and criticism.


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