All you need to know about the Bible – Brian H. Edwards

Paperback, 6 volumes, each of 144 pages. Published by Day One Publications, Ryelands Road, Leominster, HR6 8NZ. ISBN’s 978-1-84625-584-7, 585-4, 586-1, 587-8, 588-5, 589-2.

This review concerns not just a book, but a whole set of books amounting to 864 pages in total. Don’t, however, be put off by the sheer volume of writing, nor indeed by the rather pretentious title. This is one of the best works on the subject to pass through my hands in recent times.

Edwards has written over twenty books and engaged in many conferences often involving Christian apologetics and creation ministries. His writing, as his speaking, is certainly not the laborious product of dry academia, but lively and engaging, holding the reader’s interest. He has undertaken an examination of the evidence for the Bible, not just as an ancient work of history and literature, but as the living word of God, vital for every age and unique in its presentation of the only way of salvation for mankind. Starting with the question in the first volume, ‘Can we trust the Bible?’, the theme is continued by considering the claims made for ultimate truth and absolute authority within the scriptures themselves. The third volume takes time to trace the content of the Bible, how it was written and how it developed over time, followed by a consideration of manuscripts, translations and versions in book 4. The author then faces up to the critics of scripture both ancient and modern who maintain that errors and contradictions abound. The discoveries by scholars, scientists and archaeologists, however, unite to confirm the accuracy of the Bible. The conclusion is that the faith of the believer is not ‘blind’, while man’s wisdom founders upon the unassailable rock of the word of God.

The final section bears the simple title ‘Enjoy your Bible’. This is a timely word for all believers, many of whom give little time to the regular or systematic reading of scripture. A brief outline of scripture is given, together with a suggested reading plan and an exhortation to the reader to spend time in the divine presence each day.

A thoroughly recommended work.


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