Analytical Studies in the Psalms

(372 pages); Hard Case with Dust Jacket; £3.00, by post £3.50; Ritchie, Kilmarnock.

This is the third edition of this pearl of primers on the Psalms. Every Bible reader that values aids to its understanding should have a copy of this book readily to hand. That such could be written in the setting of prisoner-of-war camps is a monument to the fact that the Psalms meet the hearts deepest needs, and strike the richest chords within us. The blessings, derived by the author’s own meditation, have happily been set on record for our continued profit and blessing. Here, also, is the fruit of wide reading, and deep personal research in this exquisite field of O.T. poetry.

In addition to analyses and brief, but useful, notes on all the individual Psalms, Mr. Clarke has included so much other invaluable information. He reviews the scope of each of the five books into which our book of the Psalms is divided, and adds many most suggestive comments on the inter-relationships of adjacent Psalms. One quite unique, and most useful feature of the arrangement adopted in the commentary, is that each Psalm, once analysed, is introduced from three different stand-points. Thought-provoking hints are given as to (1) the Primary Association, i.e. the historical setting, (2) the Prophetic Anticipation, including both the Christological and Eschatological elements, and (3) the Personal Application or the devotional aspect of each of the Psalms. To this vast store of information and exposition twelve appendices are added which treat in greater detail such themes as the Messianic Psalms, the Divine Titles, Poetic Figures of Speech, etc. The book is a must for all who would profit from a spiritual and more serious consideration of the Psalms. C.E.H.