Angola Beloved

Paperback, 216pp. Published by Gospel Folio Press, 304 Killaly Street West, Port Colborne, ON, Canada L3K 6A6. Price £6.99 ISBN 978-1-897117-44-2

This is a welcome updated edition of a book first published in 1967. As a boy Ernest Wilson wanted to be a missionary in Africa and, at the age of 18, was exercised to serve God in Angola. In 1923, at the age of 21, he went to Portugal for language study and then to Angola where he served the Lord for some forty years. This book traces the development of the work over those years and records some of the joys and sorrows that were encountered.

The book is divided into three sections. The first part gives a general background to the work, describing both the people and the country and also refers to the pioneering labours of David Livingstone and Fred Arnot. The second section records Ernest’s early years, his conversion and spiritual development, the way his interest for missionary activity was stirred by reading the biographies of Hudson Taylor and George Muller, and the development of his own exercise to go forth into service for the Lord looking only to Him for the supply of material needs. The third, and largest part of the book, records the subsequent years of service, including the trials of language study, pioneering activity, journeys on foot, and the progress made through the blessing of God. The book is sub-titled ‘A story of God’s faithfulness’ and it is certainly that. This is, as the forward states, ‘a riveting story of danger, adventure and opportunity for the Lord’, and it is gratifying that through this reprint it has now been made available to another generation.

[Our thanks to Richard Catchpole, South Norwood, London, UK, for this review]


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