Apocalypse Facts and Fantasies

Paperback, 426pp. Published by Twoedge Sword Publications, PO Box 266, Waterlooville PO7 5ZT, UK. Available from John Ritchie Ltd., 40 Beansburn, Kilmarnock KA3 1RH, UK.
Price £15.00, ISBN 1 90544707 8.

As the title suggests, this book expounds truth (facts), and exposes error (fantasies), relative to the end times. The writer considers the many promises which demand a future for the nation of Israel. He then cross-examines the many shades of prophetic interpretation that deny this. Thirteen unfulfilled ‘untils’ in scripture are examined in relation to Israel and Israel’s Messiah. For instance, ‘that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in’, Rom. 11. 25. None of these ‘untils’ has been realized, thus the nation must have a future in their fulfilment.

In a chapter on neo-post-millennialism, Dr. Cameron gives a perceptive insight into modern evangelicalism and much contemporary hymnology. Among other issues he observes that the compilers of Mission Praise have deliberately included no new hymns referring to a pre-millennial return of the Lord Jesus, avoided any hymns speaking of a pre-tribulation rapture and, in one hymn, have deleted the verse that includes, ‘If I should pass the vale of death, or meet Him in the air’! This is an excellent chapter; would that more read this exposure of shallowness and error!

This book will certainly help establish the believer in the certain and glorious future for both the church and, eventually, the nation of Israel. As is inevitable on prophetic subjects, I would not concur with every detail. For example, there are several references to present ‘signs of the times’. One suggests that the truth of imminence and looking for signs are mutually exclusive. Also, more could have been developed on the distinction between Israel and the church. A glossary of prophetic terminology is included, and two interesting appendices on prophetic issues.

I enjoyed reading this book and found it reinforced my convictions about the future of the nation of Israel. Some parts need careful reading, due to the involved nature of the subject, however, the book is generally easy to understand. Believers concerned with these issues could also read the excellent Assembly Testimony booklet, The Error of Amillennialism, by Bunting and McAlister (available from W. Neill, 109 Lurgan Road, Dunmurry, N. Ireland BT17 9AN, UK).

[Our thanks to John Stock, Redditch for this review]


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